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Elizabeth House Osteopaths offers a friendly, community and family orientated Osteopathy service within a conveniently located and newly refurbished state of the art medical practice in Warlingham, East Surrey.

Most people seek the help of an Osteopath when they have pain, stiffness, weakness or all of the above in their spine, head or some other joint or muscle. To find out more about the range of conditions we can help with click here. Our aim is to help you resolve your condition as quickly as possible through a careful process of examination, treatment and rehabilitation. We will also educate you about what’s happening to your body, give you a clear prognosis and provide advice to manage and reduce the likelihood of your condition returning.

With your permission we will also liaise with your GP and any other medical professionals should you require further investigations or other types of treatment to resolve your problem fully.

We practice both structural and cranial osteopathy and will adapt the treatment in order to suit the nature of the person, young or old, in acute or chronic pain. Our philosophy is patient focused osteopathy, understanding you the patient as a whole and optimising your speed of recovery.


"On his return to Scotland my former osteopath recommended Catrin who has always treated me in a friendly and courteous way and “put me back together” after I had experienced ongoing pain in my lower back and shoulders. Her course of treatment has relieved the pain and prevented more serious injury. It is wonderful to know someone who can really make a difference to the quality of life."

John Eady, Swimming Instructor

"After suffering from persistent neck and lower back pain I booked an appointment with Catrin, who quickly identified the causes and devised a course of treatment which put me on the road to recovery. She also showed me a number of simple exercises, which have enabled me to prevent a recurrence of the original problems. I'm very happy with the results, and would happily recommend Catrin to family and friends."

Graham Powell, Freelance Musician

"I have received cranial osteopathic treatment from Catrin for a really painful neck problem and within 3 treatments felt completely relieved of pain. The treatment was very gentle and I felt totally, safe in her hands. Since then I have received more treatment working more holistically on a physical and energetic level, which is a very helpful process."

Alizon Mooney, Homeopath